Do Works And Holiness Have A Place In Receiving From God?

When you stand in the presence of God and pray, do you pray in your name or the name of Jesus? What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus? Could it mean that you are asking God to answer you because of what Jesus has provided for you not because of what you have done?

When you are praying do you tell God about your good works? Do you tell him about your holiness?

God was satisfied by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ so He requires nothing, but faith, from you so that He can give you what you need (Romans 8:32).

When you act on the promptings of the Holy Spirit (Romans 7:6 AMP) to do good works or act righteously you are expressing your faith in God. Your works or acts of righteousness do not provide for you but they show what you believe. THEY ARE THE POINT WHEN YOU RELEASE YOUR FAITH.

One example is the woman that touched Jesus’ clothes Mark 5:25-29). She said to herself, “if only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well”.

This woman had already believed that Jesus was going to heal her. The point at which she was going to release her faith at was when she would have done what she felt in her heart as the thing to do to receive her healing; touching His clothes. Many people were touching Jesus’ clothes but only one woman was healed. So, healing was not GENERATED by touching Jesus, it was RELEASED by faith in Jesus’ ability to heal. TOUCHING JESUS WAS THE POINT OF RELEASING FAITH WHICH WAS ALREADY THERE.

We know that not all people that were healed by Jesus had to touch Him. The centurion’s servant was healed when Jesus spoke the word (Matthew 8:5-8). One blind man was healed when Jesus applied mud on his eyes (John 9:1-7). The list goes on.

Therefore your miracle is not dependent on a specific action as prescribed for you by anyone; it is dependent on your response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Just do what He tells you to do, when you do that you release your faith because you have just declared your faith by your action.

Before Jesus sacrificed Himself the law demanded that the Israelites give a prescribed sacrifice to receive a specific answer from God. GOD RESPONDED TO THEIR SACRIFICES.

THESE DAYS GOD RESPONDS TO ONE SACRIFICE; the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:13-14).

As mentioned before, our good deeds and holiness should be the expression of our faith. We do not use them to impress God so that He can answer our prayers. Since we do not pray in our names, we should not present our works and holiness before God with the hope that He will respond to us when He sees them. That was applicable to Israel, JESUS DID IT FOR US!