It Is Not By Power Nor By Might

Zechariah 4 shares the vision where human effort to carry out the plan of God is completely taken out of the picture. The priest didn’t have to find an olive tree and crush it to release olive oil to be used to keep the lampstand burning. The priest didn’t have to fill individual bowl for each lamp. Oil is flowing directly from two trees into one bowl that feeds all seven lamps.

This lamp stand is different to the lamp stand that was used in the temple. This vision speaks about the change in how the power of God flows under the new covenant. If you think the flow of the anointing of God is dependent on your human efforts you are operating under the old covenant.

In the new covenant “it is not by might nor by power” that we carry out the assignment from God. His power now is released when we exercise faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ not because we have qualified ourselves through the works of our flesh.

Don’t limit God’s move to the amount of time you spent in prayer or fasting, and how much you have worked to qualify for God to use you. The Holy Spirit moves when we have faith in what God has freely provided for us through Christ (Galatians 3:2-5 & Romans 8:32).