Love Revealed Part 1

Love Revealed – Part 1

When Satan approached Eve he made God look like He was withholding something good from them. He made her think that God didn’t love them enough so He wanted them to be kept in the dark; not having the knowledge of good and evil. Satan said God didn’t want them to be like Him (which was a lie because God created them in His image – Genesis 1:26-28).

Today the devil still uses the same tactic; making God look like He is withholding good things from us. Every sin starts from doubting God’s love for us. Think about it. Will I be tempted to steal if I believe that God loves me enough to meet my need? Will I be tempted to lie if I believe God loves me enough to protect me? Will a young man do what he knows is hurting his life just to have acceptance with people he thinks have influence over his future if he believes that God loves him enough to give him the future he wants? The same goes for a young girl that has her life destroyed before it starts just because she thinks God doesn’t love her enough to give her the future she wants so she has to take it upon herself to make it happen.

The majority of people believes that God is angry at them because of what they haven’t done or did which God hates. According to them God will not provide for them, He will not protect them, He will not give them what they want, etc., because they failed to meet His standard. They think God is worse than an earthly father who wouldn’t let his child starve just because the child didn’t cleanup his room.

What makes things worse is that when they see punishment of sin in the old covenant they think that that shows God’s true nature; an angry God who cannot be pleased because His demands are more than what they can meet. We as the Church have not clearly explained what it meant to get into a covenant in the old covenant time since in our time we treat covenants differently. They do not understand that when entering a blood covenant you are saying you will be killed if you do not keep your part of the covenant. When the covenant partner kills you for not honoring the covenant they are within their rights.

Because of what we have heard from some pulpits we think that we are still under the same covenant that Israel lived under before the death of Jesus Christ. We do not understand that nobody managed to keep the covenant that Israel was under so they all deserved to die. People could not be regenerated then, as it happens after the death of Christ, so evil had to be treated like a cancerous cell; removed or it would bring death to the whole body.

The nations that did not have the law also were killed when their evil got to the point of no return because they would affect everybody as evil multiplies in the earth (Genesis 15:16). To cut out evil, like you would deal with a cancerous cell, God ordered that everything that belonged to some of those nations be completely destroyed to cut out the demonic influence that was involved so that it does not affect the rest of humanity. Again, remember that these people could not be regenerated since Christ had not come into the picture; the only solution was their complete removal from the earth.

But Jesus Christ came and died in our place. When Jesus died in our place He took the law to the cross and we became free from it (Colossians 2:11-15). The law was satisfied, it cannot ask for more sacrifice; IT WAS FULFILLED by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Romans 7:1-6 tell us that the law was like Israel’s husband, who died such that Israel is now free to marry another husband. We now follow the leading of the Spirit instead of the law (verses 6&7). Jesus introduced grace in the place of the law (John 1:14-17). God does not treat us like He treated Israel before Jesus Christ came to the picture, His anger for not keeping the law was satisfied when He released ALL OF IT on Christ at the cross (Isaiah 53:10 & Hebrews 10:15-17).

(To be continued…)

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