Love Revealed Part 3

Love Revealed – Part 3

Now let’s go back to the beginning to see the love of God in how He dealt with people even before the new covenant was introduced.

Mankind sin brought a curse upon the ground, Adam, Eve, and everybody that came after them (Gen. 3:16-19). But God continued to love mankind. The love of God is seen in what He continued to do for them even after they sinned.

The first thing we are told that showed His love was when He made leather clothes for them to replace the leaves they were using (Gen. 3:21). Nobody can deny the fact that leather clothes are better than clothes that are sown out of leaves. God did this for two sinners! Isn’t that love?

The second thing He did for the two people that He still loved even after they sinned was to prevent them from eating the tree of life because of the state they were in; they had sin nature in them. If they lived forever in that state they would be forever separated from God.

Can you imagine us living with the worst murderers of old, rapists, people like Hitler, and all those who did horrendous things? If Adam and Eve ate of the tree of life after their fall they would not die and people after them would also not die as well. God not allowing them to eat the tree of life was for their benefit. If Adam and Eve were alive today and seeing all that their sin has brought to humanity they would be suffering with guilt and shame. Praise God that they are in heaven being comforted! (Gen. 3:21-22)

The third thing I want to mention to show that God never stopped loving people when sin had entered them is the fact that He never stopped speaking to them. This is seen in the fact that Cain and Abel knew the type of sacrifice that was acceptable before God, and we see a conversation that took place between God and Cain before and after he, Cain, killed his brother (Genesis 4:3-15). God even promised protection to Cain, the murderer (Genesis 4:13-15). Sin doesn’t stop God from speaking to you, you may stop hearing Him.

God even tried that with the Israelites but they chose that He only speak to Moses and he will pass the message to them! Note that when the law was later introduced God had to abide by the rules of engagement; He strongly punished sin and He would not have a relationship with people who did not repent of their sins.

When the rules of engagement changed, again, and the new covenant was introduced God justified all who believe in Jesus Christ and He does not keep record of their sins (Romans 4:5-8 and Hebrews 10:15-18). That is the reason why God still speaks to all of us not just a selected few, we all have sinned and therefore we do not qualify for the benefits we have as believers. We receive all benefits, including hearing from Him, by faith.

Sin has consequences, but God never stops loving you. As you deal with the consequences of your sin God will not leave you. If you are a believer the Holy Spirit will continue convicting you of your righteousness in Christ, if you are not a Christian the Holy Spirit will continue convicting you of the sin of not believing in Jesus because that is the only sin Jesus’ sacrifice didn’t cover (John 16:8-11).

(To be continued…)

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