Love Revealed Part 4

Love Revealed – Part 4

As we look back in the beginning to see the love of God in how He dealt with people after they sinned we see that GOD’S LOVE FOR US KNOWS NO BOUNDS!

Sin has consequences; we saw Adam and Eve deal with the consequences for their sin. What is amazing to me is to see that God continued to love on them even when they were in their fallen state. He could do that because He already had a plan to rescue the human race. The fact that they had to deal with the consequences of their sin, that didn’t stop God from pouring His love on them (for more info see Love Revealed – Part 3 from our Facebook page).

Another story that tells of God’s unconditional love is how He protected Cain after he murdered his brother. Cain suffered the consequences for his sin but when he asked for God’s mercy that no-one kills him for what he did, God promised to punish seven times whoever would kill Cain because of what he did (Genesis 4:13-15). To me it is like God was saying “I have dealt with Cain for his sin, no-one else is supposed to judge him for this sin”.

We learn from this incident that we must not run away from God after we have fallen to sin, even though we suffer the consequences of our sin God will treat us with mercy (not according to our sins) and kindness because that is what He uses to turn us from our sins to His plan for our lives (Romans 2:4 & Romans 11:29).

After the flood that wiped out all people on earth except for Noah and his family, God went on to make an UNCONDITIONAL COVENANT with all flesh on the earth (Genesis 9:11-17). IN THIS COVENANT, God promised that He would never again curse the ground in response to man’s sin (Genesis 8:21-22).

Later on we will see that God introduced another covenant, Law Covenant, that was going to last only until God makes an EVERLASTING COVENANT with Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:20). The law covenant was harsh; it introduced punishment for every sin (a curse) and the blessing would only come as a result of good works. Today a lot of people still try to relate to God according to their works.

But before the introduction of the Law Covenant we see God making a covenant with Abram. In this covenant God promised to exceedingly multiply Abram if he, Abram, would 1. have a relationship with God, 2. be sincere before God, and 3. be circumcised as the sign for the covenant (Genesis 17:1-2,10).

We will later see that God kept His covenant with Abraham active even after He introduced the Law Covenant (Luke 13:16), because Abraham’s Covenant was also made to Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:16). When God introduced the New Covenant with Jesus Christ, God removed all the curses that were introduced by the Law and gave the believers in Christ access to the benefits of the covenant He made with Abraham (Galatians 3:10-14).

The Bible tells us that Abram became acceptable (righteous) before God by FAITH not by his GOOD WORKS (Genesis 15:5&6). This is exactly how those who believe in Jesus Christ become acceptable before God and receive His blessings; it is by FAITH not because they meet some standard of the law (Galatians 3:11 & Romans 4:13). GOD LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY!

(To be continued…)

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