Love Revealed Part 7

February 12th, 2016
 Love Revealed – Part 7

Every time one talks about the fact that we are no longer under the Law the question is asked, ‘does it mean that we can continue sinning?’ The answer is NO.

In Romans 6 Paul addresses this question. He gives two main reasons why we should not continue sinning even when the Law is removed from our relationship with God.

THE FIRST REASON is that when one believes in Christ that person dies to the power of sin and, just like Jesus who died and was raised to new life, this person is raised to new life in the Spirit in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:1-3. THIS IS WHERE VICTORY OVER SIN BEGINS.


To do what Romans 6:11 says requires faith. Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, the evidence of THINGS NOT SEEN (Hebrews 11:1). Therefore, as a believer you need to start seeing yourself dead to the power of sin and living in unbroken fellowship with God in Christ Jesus. Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform to this world but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWAL OF YOUR MIND”. The transformation in your life will be in proportion to the level of the renewal of your mind. Little change in your mind will result in little change in your life; big change in how you see yourself will result in big change in your life.

In 2 Corinthians 3:18 the Bible says “But we all, with unveiled face BEHOLDING as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are TRANSFORMED INTO THE SAME IMAGE from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit”. This verse tells us that we do not change our lives, THE HOLY SPIRIT CHANGES US AS WE BEHOLD WHAT JESUS ACCOMPLISHED FOR US. As we meditate on our freedom from the power of sin and the life we have in Christ, our lives become what we see in the Word of God. If we continue thinking the same way we did before we became believers we will never see change in our lives (Romans 12:2).

THE SECOND REASON we should not continue sinning even when the Law is removed from our relationship with God is found in Romans 6:14, “For sin shall not have dominion over you, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT UNDER LAW BUT UNDER GRACE”.

As mentioned in the previous article, the Law arouses sinful passions in our bodies (Romans 7:5). If we put ourselves under the Law we are putting ourselves under bondage. God doesn’t need the law to lead us to repentance, He uses His kindness (Romans 2:4).

When Jesus took away the Law of Moses (Colossians 2:13-15) He replaced it with the Law of love (John 13:34 & 1 John 3:23). If we receive God’s love FOR US we will be able to love others (1 John 4:19). If I am led by love I will not steal from my neighbour, I will not kill, I will not envy, etc. BECAUSE I TRUST GOD TO PROVIDE FOR ME AND I LOVE MY NEIGHBOUR I WILL NOT STEAL FROM HIM. My trust in what God did for me in Christ and love for my neighbour replaces the Law that was given to Moses (1 John 3:23 & Galatians 3:19).

The passage in John 1:14-17 tells us that Jesus came to introduce grace in the place of the law. Verse 14 says Jesus was full of grace and truth, not law and truth. MOSES INTRODUCED THE LAW, JESUS INTRODUCED GRACE AND TRUTH. The Law demands from people, grace supplies what they need. This is love in action!

(To be continued…)

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